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Supporting the success of nonprofits and social enterprises globally, regardless of their ability to pay

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact offers nonprofits and social enterprises software donations, pro bono, and services to accelerate social impact.

For more information on how Oracle NetSuite can accelerate your organization, check out our Social Impact data sheet and our Mission Blue Print.

Our Impact To Date

What We Offer


Suite Donation

Suite Donation is our technology donation program, offering Oracle NetSuite technologies to nonprofit and social enterprise organizations for running all aspects of their operations, regardless of their ability to pay. We donate NetSuite ERP, Bronto email marketing, and LightCMS website software to nonprofits and social enterprises around the world to transform their back office to further their social mission. Over 1,000 nonprofits and social enterprises globally use Oracle NetSuite Social Impact offerings.


Suite Pro Bono

Suite Pro Bono connects our nonprofits and social enterprise customers with NetSuite employees who provide their time and expertise to help organizations accelerate their social impact. NetSuite employees are offered an opportunity to match their specialized skill sets with the needs of nonprofit organizations that have received a NetSuite software donation. Opportunities include supporting and coaching organizations through our quarterly pro-bono program, designing creative code in our Hackathon 4Good, or supporting nonprofits through other specialized pro bono projects. To date, our employees have provided close to 10,000 hours globally.


Suite Capacity

Suite Capacity builds the technology skills of NetSuite organizations by providing a variety of educational offerings designed to help organizations use software donations more effectively. Nonprofit organizations that receive a NetSuite software donation participate in learning cohorts and online learning opportunities, focused on building confidence, skills and success. Our Financial Accelerated Cohort coaches organizations through the process of setting up their basic financials on NetSuite in 12 weeks. Suite Capacity’s goals are three-fold: support new software donation recipients as they onboard, help them better utilize NetSuite to achieve greater impact, and provide a lifetime of learning opportunities for users as they grow with the platform.

Who We Work With

Nonprofits and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes utilize NetSuite technologies and NetSuite to transform their back office and amplify their social impact.

Coca Cola
Foundation Center
Good 360
San Francisco SPCA
Water for People

Helping Nonprofits and Social Enterprises Succeed

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