Nonprofit Foundation Center Able to Share Global Philanthropy Data More Effectively With NetSuite

The last thing a nonprofit needs is an IT platform that holds it back, but that's precisely what Foundation Center had. Silos of packaged and custom-built applications were increasingly choking operational efficiency; the organization was finding itself beseiged with inconsistent numbers and high IT and administrative costs; and personnel relied heavily on IT to generate reports and perform manual reconciliation across disparate systems.

Foundation Center


Foundation Center


New York, NY



NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite Financials
NetSuite CRM
NetSuite Financial Planning
NetSuite Site Builder
NetSuite Order Processing


ATG Dynamo, Macola, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, custom budgeting applications

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“We now have a single coordinated effort across the organization and strive to make the most of every interaction with our donors and customers.” Foundation Center

Fulfilling the Foundation’s Mission

IT modernization focuses on NetSuite
Foundation Center is replacing numerous systems and processes with NetSuite's unified cloud solution. The multi-phase IT modernization effort is helping the organization better manage relationships with 480 information partners in 13 countries, while discounted licensing through Oracle+NetSuite Social Impact enables it to devote resources to its mission, not administration.
Saving money and streamlining processes
The leading source of information on global philanthropy expects to save up to $1 million on reduced IT infrastructure, personnel and software licensing costs over five years, with NetSuite streamlining everything from donor management to budgeting and forecasting.
NetSuite helping the cause
Foundation Center tapped SuiteCommerce to integrate subscriptions from its largest revenue generator, Foundation Directory Online, into its online marketplace, and the enhanced coordination and transparency NetSuite makes possible will help the organization better fulfill its mission of advancing knowledge about philanthropy.


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