Robust Integration, Mobile Ecommerce Position Kitchenware Direct for Continued Growth

As Kitchenware Direct’s online kitchen retail business started to sizzle, its poorly integrated, out-of-the-box systems couldn’t stand the heat. Without robust integration capabilities, it was difficult to maintain multiple websites with separate branding. Manual back-end order processing and financials for its different brands left room for error in shipping customer orders. Mobile traffic continued to increase, but conversion rates on mobile devices remained low.

Kitchenware Direct


Kitchenware Direct


Perth, Australia



Systems replaced

MYOB, a POS system, an inventory system and a credit card transaction terminal

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite Site Builder

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“NetSuite was the only ERP system in the Australian market that could integrate all the different functions we needed and give us a seamless process from order completion to dispatch.” Kitchenware Direct

Streamlined Operations, Scalable Platform

Integrated operations, ecommerce
NetSuite's robust functionality enabled a rapid, cost-effective rollout of integrated operations and ecommerce for 10 separately branded sites, all managed from a single instance of the software. A site optimized for mobile devices is integrated with the NetSuite system and has helped increase smartphone conversions fivefold.
Accurate, fast shipping accelerates growth
Kitchenware Direct has grown at 50% annually to become Australia's largest kitchenware retailer, with gross margins increasing 4%. Order fulfillment errors are nonexistent, and with full visibility of 6,000 SKUs, orders ship within 24 hours.
Poised for business expansion
Visibility coupled with NetSuite’s scalability and agility provided Kitchenware Direct with a platform to launch a booming homeware venture in 2012, as well as expand to Southeast Asia. NetSuite's cloud-based system provides the business with infinite expansion capabilities to support growth.


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