Mighty AI Takes Off by Building the Foundation for Autonomous Vehicles

Startup Mighty AI has built a thriving business generating ground truth datasets for training, validating and improving autonomous vehicle perception models. Its platform enables companies to manage their data—while freeing them from creating the software tools necessary to generate ground truth datasets—so they can focus on getting to production faster. As it eyed expansion, it realized it would need to upgrade from QuickBooks as it added subsidiaries.

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“Our NetSuite Professional Services implementation process was very smooth and super fast. Working with the Global Delivery Center team was just excellent—it was seamless from end to end, as if they were side by side with us in our office.” Teresa A. Kotwis, CFO, Mighty AI

Al Software and Services Firm Leverages SuiteSuccess

Partner of choice for OneWorld deployment
After choosing NetSuite OneWorld, Mighty AI had a tight timeline. The four-year-old company wanted a cost-efficient, expert-led implementation that could go live for a January 1 cutover. NetSuite Professional Services delivered with an on-time implementation that readies the growing company to quickly launch global subsidiaries as needed. NetSuite’s Global Delivery Center got the company live on OneWorld in a “super-fast” 75 days—including Thanksgiving and late December holidays.
Knowledgeable and efficient team delivery
Mighty AI found the three-person team to be highly knowledgeable, efficient and accommodating across time zones. A structured process with clear milestones, weekly meetings, online data exchange and accountability for all stakeholders made for “by far the easiest and most efficient implementation” of the many ERP deployments that CFO Teresa A. Kotwis has seen in a 30-year career.
A jumpstart for rapid growth
With SuiteSuccess software industry leading practices in place, Mighty AI is poised for rapid growth in the highly competitive AI and autonomous vehicles space. NetSuite reporting is delivering new insights, and the company has multi-currency and global consolidation capabilities ready for its prospective launch of international subsidiaries.


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