Custom Engraving Company Grew With a Customer Experience Focus

Until launched in 1999, customizing a plaque or sign took weeks. By offering customers the ability to design products online, PlaqueMaker was able to ship products the next day, a revolutionary concept at the time. As the company grew from the founder’s garage, it kept its focus on customer service while delivering innovative, quality products.




Fortville, Ind.






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Inventory Management

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“NetSuite allows us to take any user and tell them what they’re doing that day and what to focus on. It almost removes middle management.” Kyle Sherman, President, PlaqueMaker

Etching Out a New Business Model

Surviving the dot-com bust
In the wake of the Dot-com boom and bust, PlaqueMaker thrived by keeping costs low and focusing on the customer experience, offering free logo designs and flat fees to entice new users. The company scaled up, gradually acquiring equipment and benefiting from being an early adopter of pay-per-click ads.
Rapid growth demands a unified solution
Paper filing cabinets and multiple software solutions for fulfillment and accounting wouldn’t continue to cut it if PlaqueMaker wanted to efficiently track inventory and maintain two-day deliveries, one of its key differentiators. It chose NetSuite as a cloud-based, single platform that could scale with the business.
Custom dashboards for customer service
Since adopting NetSuite in 2007, PlaqueMaker has increaed revenue more than 400% and expanded into a 24,000 square foot warehouse with 20 etching lasers. NetSuite dashboards provide a unified view of inventory, financial and customer data, enabling excellent customer service with real-time information.
Ahead of the Amazon effect
PlaqueMaker intends to fulfill more orders on Amazon, treating it like a wholesale source of revenue for its most basic products. With NetSuite, it has the technology foundation to meet a potential surge in order volume—while upholding its commitment to the customer experience.


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