School of Rock Strikes a Powerful Chord with NetSuite

School of Rock


School of Rock


Burr Ridge, Ill.



Applications Replaced, QuickBooks, Excel


NetSuite OneWorld

"Salesforce couldn't scale with our business. With NetSuite, we have one system of record that handles the entire lifecycle of a customer, including billing and payment processing. We save money on licenses, staffing and consultants, and we don't have to maintain middleware or integrations across multiple platforms. There's no way we could have added 35 schools in 2012 without NetSuite." School of Rock

Customer Success

  • NetSuite supports rapid growth to 105+ locations in four countries for School of Rock, named to the CNN Money 5 Hot Franchises list for 2013.
  • Leading music education business added 28 schools in 2012, and are forecasting 34 new schools in 2013.
  • NetSuite speeds onboarding people and processes associated with a new school, including centralization of safety training and code of conduct management.
  • School of Rock has improved visibility and control in managing 24 company-owned schools and 81 franchises, including royalty payments from franchisees.
  • NetSuite OneWorld global business solution enables seamless management of subsidiary franchises atop a standardized platform.
  • Productivity of 300+ users improved across the board through simplification of business processes and access to a single, consolidated data set.
  • School of Rock is saving $100,000 a year in licensing and IT costs compared to its previous CRM system.
  • NetSuite's unified CRM and back-office application provides accurate, real-time data to support better business decisions and customer management.
  • Recurring billing runtime reduced from 48 hours to 8 hours even as the number of schools grew from 70 to 105, with about 10,000 enrollees at any given time.


  • School of Rock lacked a holistic view of the business and struggled with reporting, manual spreadsheets and poor forecasting capabilities.
  • Company wanted a completely integrated end-to-end platform that didn’t require users to log in to multiple systems.
  • Difficult reconciliation of data between NetSuite back end and CRM system.


  • Initial implementation of NetSuite OneWorld in late 2010 to replace QuickBooks followed by deployment of NetSuite CRM to replace in late 2012.
  • School of Rock uses NetSuite as a single system of record, handling CRM, financials, enrollment, subsidiary management, recurring and ad hoc billing, marketing lead generation with integration between ecommerce site and back end.
  • Integration of SuiteApp from NetSuite partner DocuSign with NetSuite back end streamlines management and processing of mandatory waiver forms from enrollees.

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