NetSuite OneWorld Powers YouGov’s Global Expansion Strategy

As market researcher YouGov pursued an aggressive growth strategy, initially through acquisitions and then organic, it became clear that the company's previous platform wasn't capable of rapidly integrating acquired companies. In order to continue providing efficient service to its 2,500 customers amid its expansion efforts, YouGov needed synchronized financial, sales, CRM and project processes, and it didn't want to take on the costs and time requirements of on-premise software.





London, United Kingdom


Market Research


£ 88 million in 2015/16





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"We have an integrated view of financials, sales, customers, projects and integrated processes. The single version of the truth that NetSuite provides is extremely valuable." YouGov

Platform Needed for Rapid International Growth

Choosing cloud over on-premise
NetSuite's unified cloud solution enabled YouGov to avoid the costs and complexity of global on-premise systems. With NetSuite SuiteProjects (PSA) providing an integrated, real-time solution across financials, sales, CRM and projects, YouGov is able to access a single version of the truth across two dozen offices around the world.
Revenue growing, processes shrinking
Since deploying NetSuite in 2007, YouGov's revenue has more than doubled, while adding just 8 administrative staffers. The company slashed two weeks off its annual budget cycle and can track and monitor how project resources are being utilized across the business.
A handle on international business
With NetSuite OneWorld, YouGov has seamless financial consolidation and reporting across dozens of global subsidiaries, and is supporting 14 currencies and 10 languages. Such capabilities have helped it to rapidly integrate eight acquired companies in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, and to extend its operations to cover 31 offices in 21 countries.


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