Ecommerce Development

Flexible Ecommerce Platform

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce ecommerce solution is built on top of a foundation of core NetSuite ERP code. Operating on a managed codebase, sites are automatically upgraded to the newest version of SuiteCommerce core with every NetSuite release—no development time or expense required. Developers can customize SuiteCommerce sites through extensions, themes and configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Customize and extend your ecommerce site with custom records, fields, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Access back-end data like item catalog, shopping history and recommendations with fully integrated JSON-powered APIs.
  • Cut the cost and time of ecommerce website development using ready-to-use reference applications, APIs, templates and JavaScript.
  • Powered by popular libraries and frameworks such as Backbone, Underscore, Sass, Handlebars and jQuery.

commerce extension framework

Commerce Extension Framework

Create customizations once that can be migrated to new releases.

Running throughout SuiteCommerce is a code-level API providing objects and methods for key parts of the site, like product detail and list pages, shopping cart and checkout.

Write code to customize the behavior of these areas without sacrificing your site’s upgradability.


Add new features and functionality to your web store.

Create and package your own reusable customizations as installable bundles. When you've written your extension, deploy it to NetSuite, then activate it to trigger a recompilation of your site's source code with the extension. Extensions are designed to upgrade seamlessly with each release, allowing you to easily enhance your ecommerce website in a way that's maintainable.

development themes


Change your site’s appearance.

While extensions modify site behavior, themes determine your site’s design. Like extensions, themes can be created, distributed and activated on a site. Built entirely from Handlebars templates and Sass files, themes contain configurable variables, allowing site administrators to make modifications using a WYSIWYG editor—no technical expertise required.

Developer Environment

Most SuiteCommerce code can be run locally, meaning you can work quickly on your ideas and changes without having to wait for code to deploy. Using Gulp, modified files can be recompiled on the fly and served locally. Our Node-based tools work on Windows and Unix operating systems, and you're free to use the IDE or text editor of your choice.

Need More?

Businesses that require complex customizations to their site can graduate to SuiteCommerce Advanced. SuiteCommerce Advanced users have full access to the site’s source code, meaning you can completely customize your site to meet the needs of your company. SuiteCommerce Advanced is best suited for businesses with a dedicated ecommerce development team or resources to manage site design and upkeep, including upgrades to new releases.

Developer Community

Join thousands of other NetSuite professionals in our growing SuiteCommerce developer community. Developers.SuiteCommerce is a community dedicated to helping SuiteCommerce developers learn and grow their technical expertise. Access commerce user guides and developer documentation and stay up-to-date on the latest developer news with blog posts, webinars, videos and other useful resources.