Product Content Management

Efficiently Manage Product Data Across All Channels

Consolidate and centrally manage both structured and unstructured product data and attributes across all sales channels from a single source of truth. NetSuite integrates product data across all systems and processes – rather than just collecting product information from siloed product information management (PIM) or product content management (PCM) systems. By leveraging product data in a uniform manner across all channels, you can quickly and easily enhance customer experiences while increasing the agility and efficiency of your business operations.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver consistent, branded product data across all channels from a single source.
  • Centrally manage product data and attributes across all channels.
  • Manage product attributes, including categorization, multi-currency pricing, promotion eligibility, languages, geography and marketing content in a streamlined workflow.
  • Enable vendor and supplier management of product data to efficiently maintain up-to-date inventory, pricing, product content and offers.
  • Support partner, affiliate, syndication and dealer/reseller portals and applications in a single system protected by secure role-based access control.

NetSuite Powers Multichannel Commerce

Enable multichannel content creation and distribution with NetSuite.