An HR System That Puts People at the Center

The SuitePeople experience ensures that your most valuable asset, your people, are effective, engaged and motivated.

NetSuite SuitePeople securely weaves people data throughout the Suite, giving businesses complete control over their Core HR processes. SuitePeople empowers Managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite. While also enabling employees by providing them with the ability to request time-off, access employee directories and organization charts, monitor upcoming vacation schedules, monitor new hires, and publicly recognize peers for good work.

SuitePeople is built in Core NetSuite enabling:

  • SuiteCloud: Leveraging the SuiteCloud platform, so it can be customized and integrated into and always available, anywhere and always up to date on the latest release.
  • Role Based Security: Sophisticated role-based security allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support both themselves and their teams.
  • Universal Data: Like CRM and every other NetSuite module, SuitePeople ensures people information is available throughout the enterprise allowing companies to nurture, protect and develop their talent.
  • Global Reach: Built on the global platform, enhanced with HR localizations, ensuring companies can manage global workforces.
  • Unified Access: Part of the unified data model which allows people information to be seamlessly reported and analyzed from services, to the shop floor and the warehouse.


Core HR Capabilities

NetSuite SuitePeople Core HR Capabilities include native organization design, job and position management, workflows and compliance management, all powered by effective-dated employee master data, providing HR with the systems they need to run a best-in-class operation.

Key Capabilities

  • Global employee record and HR reporting
  • Purchase order and expense reporting self service
  • Company directory and organizational browsing
  • Time off management
  • Employee self service
  • Employee Center
  • Health and Safety
  • Job and Position management
  • Employee separation
  • Effective dating
  • Real-time dashboards with key business metrics
  • Compliance management and reporting
  • HR metrics/analytics, New HR Roles, Workflows for Terminations and Time-Off Approvals, and 50+ Out of the Box HR Reports
Core HR


With new features such as multi-jurisdiction taxes and benefit & deductions as rates coupled with an enhanced UI, NetSuite SuitePeople makes managing payroll easier than ever.

Key Capabilities

  • Fully integrated into NetSuite Core HR and Accounting modules
  • Pays all employer and employee payroll taxes (US only at launch)
  • Submits all required forms to tax authorities
  • Direct deposit included, with printed checks available
  • Supports all federal and state tax, including over 10,000 local jurisdictions
  • Monitors tax law changes and provides ongoing updates
  • Supports state tax reciprocity laws
  • Applies local tax sharing rules
  • Provides current and cumulative online pay statements for employees
  • Year-end W2 generation and ACA reporting

Employee Center

The Employee Center helps put your people first in your organization by providing an additional role tailored to your people which allows them to complete tasks that matter to them. It helps provide your people with clarity around usage and status of their benefits, visibility into the organization and where they and their peers live within their organizations hierarchy, and access to information that matters to them.

Key Capabilities

  • Access paystubs and view compensation data
  • Request time off for vacation, flex days, personal days, etc.
  • View current balances for vacation, flex days, sick days, etc.
  • Provide recognition and kudos to fellow employees
  • Access employee directories and organizational charts
Employee Center

HR Analytics

HR Analytics provides organizations with an overview of their head count trends. Human Resources personnel can easily visualize the head count, growth and turnover trends of the organization, segmented by departments, locations, employee class and subsidiaries. HR can also apply filters to view specific groups of employees.

HR often must compile and update headcount trend data by hand, to minimize preparation time Headcount Analysis automatically aggregates the information most relevant to headcount changes (hires, turnovers, trends). HR can now spend more time in understanding the headcount trends, and performing analysis by drilling down to specific employee segments.

Key Capabilities

  • Display monthly headcount trends for current and last calendar years
  • Graphical presentation of headcount for intuitive understanding
  • Tabular presentation of headcount for easy copying and pasting into other analysis tools
  • Break-down headcount by employee department, location, subsidiary and class
  • Select subset of employees to analyze by applying filters for employee department, location, subsidiary and class
HR Analytics


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