Tightly Connect Your NetSuite Data and Teamwork to Collaboration and Social Style Corporate Interactions

Suite Social

Quickly and conveniently connecting ERP records with people in your organization enables companies to pro-actively solve problems. Social ERP tools improve collaboration and communication among teams and can be very effective when natively tied to an ERP solution.

SuiteSocial is a free, native social ERP solution that provides features such as newsfeeds, hashtags, likes, imagery and followers. SuiteSocial promotes open communication while providing role-level controls on sensitive details at the associated record level.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitate convenient, transparent collaboration
  • Easily track conversations on native ERP records and processes
  • Conveniently discover experts to handle complex, urgent opportunities
  • Help document processes supporting lean initiatives
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Build and maintain your internal knowledge base

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